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Working On An Edit

I have worked on a broad spectrum of projects in various capacities from VJ to visual artist, operator to creative lead, and producer to supervising projects. These projects have included sport events, award winning festivals, concerts, art, online, corporate events and commercials.

Veejaying at a festival

This reel contains a sample of projects I have been involved in. It includes work for a range of clients. Some of the tasks shown have been video editing, audio post, live mixing, scripting and 2D/3D animation

You can view a breakdown of the above reel here: REEL BREAKDOWN PDF

Below is an earlier showreel showing examples of work such as packshot replacements, masking, tracking, animation, painting and cut-down edits


Mixing Pixels, Pixing Mixels

My name is Gary Berendsen and I love creating new content and working with existing materials and using these to make a new story.

I am creative and based in the centre of Amsterdam and have spent several years working on a wide variety of projects from award winning events, broadcast commercials to non profit online content. I have toured as a VJ around the world and have created and VJ’d using my own content internationally.

When not working I love making food for people, it makes me happy seeing them enjoy something I made that fills their stomachs and not just their eyes. I also stuff about in various audio software with bleeps and blops that might become an actual composition some day.

I enjoy working with others and I like learning new things and finding out that there is more than one way to get your story across in a visual medium. No matter what my role either creative or technical, I have always felt personally involved in every project I have worked on.

Skill-set includes: motion graphics, info-graphics, vj, show design, presentations, (multi-screen) live mixing and editing, animation, and (short form) editing. Current Toolset: Adobe After Effects for VFX & Motion Graphics, BlackmagicDesign Resolve for Editing and occasionally Fusion, support apps I use are Photoshop, Illustrator. 3D I haved used Lightwave3D and E-ON vue studio. I further use Krita, GIMP and Blender. For audio I use Ableton, Zenbeats and Audacity.

I studied Audio Engineering and Production at the School of Audio Engineering in Auckland, New Zealand

You can find me in the centre of Amsterdam and on linked

You can contact me in either Dutch or English

TLDR: Gary has created a broad range of visual content, did it a lot. Likes cooking.

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